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 Advertising Costs for AuptoZ.com

Business Advertising:  $50 per month (minimum 2 months).  Includes pictures and weekly updates…we do everything....or Purchase 6 Months for $300.00 and Receive a FREE Month*, that's 7 months for the price of 6!  Without pictures, $25.00 per Month or 7 months for $150.00.


For Sale By Owner:  $25.00, We'll take 2 pictures and ad runs until item is sold.  Includes anything that you would like to sell:  Cars, Boats, Homes, Snowmobiles, ATV's, Motorcycles, you name it.


Auctions:  $15.00 for listing.  $25.00 Listing with Pictures.  Sale Bill Ad can run up to 1 month before sale.   Pictures can be added anytime during listing.


Event Listings are always FREE!