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All in one male just for men ( 30 day supply )
All In One Male Immune Support This formula contains Muramyl Peptides which are created by patented processes exclusively licensed to Orenda International. Muramyl Peptides are key to stimulating Macrophage activity which is critical to immune function. Calcium D-Glucarate™**, developed from research at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Research Center is another key ingredient. This ingredient supports detoxification which is critical to healthy immune function. * Mid-Life Issues Including the important Saw Palmetto and Pygeum extract in the All in One Male formula gives you a head start on maintaining proper prostate function.* Nutritional Foundation A proper nutritional foundation provides you with the fuels to support immune function as well as anti-oxidant protection. By covering all three bases in one formula you get the best of science, comprehensive protection and unequaled value!*